So what is different about Delicious?

Ever since day one we have gone out of our way to look after the environment and look after our customers with delicious and nourishing food. Our choice of Free range and Fair trade reflects our support of the ethical treatment of animals and humans. We also believe in looking after the environment. Running a sustainable business, serving organic coffee and using biodegradable packaging have been our focus from the start. We haven’t made a big thing about all this until now, but we know a lot of you out there agree and want to know.

Don’t care about all this Free range and Fair trade stuff? Then be happy in the fact that all our food is of the highest quality and nutrition. That’s the Delicious point of difference.

Something a bit different.

We have always catered for gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian diets. What is available changes from day to day – just ask. We are always happy to break it down to help you choose what suits your needs.